Easy Forms v1.11 has been released!

Easy Forms v1.11 has been released!
Easy Forms v1.11 – Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of Easy Forms 1.11. It includes the addition of a Matrix Field with support of different input types, the ability to update form submissions with the Form Widget, Math Formulas and many other new features, enhancements and fixes.

What is New?

1. Evaluate Math Expressions (Formulas) with Conditional Rules

Make your forms a math whiz by allowing it to perform advanced calculations. You can use this to total up costs, process grade quizzes, discounts, and more!

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2. Matrix Field

Now answer or evaluate a series of questions or statements using the same set of fields or choices with Matrix field type. Compatible with Conditional Rules, including Math Formulas.

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3. Edit Form Submission with Form Widget

Allow your users to edit their form submissions easily. Share the link via email by using the autoresponder and done.

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4. Upload Multiple Files with a single File Field

Allow your users upload multiple files with just one file field. Limit the minimum and maximum number of files and restrict the minimum and maximum size of each file.

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5. New Field Setting: Choices

Add new choices to your checkbox, radio button, select list and matrix fields in an easy way. Add images to your choices or use custom values with a visual tool. Or if you want, enter a list of items by using the Bulk Editor feature.

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6.  Auto-Suggest. Tool to Autocomplete Placeholders

Write your emails and conditional rules without find Field IDs or Labels. Just enter a “{” and a list of form fields will appear, select the desired field and ready.

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7. Generate QR Codes to Share Forms

Let’s say you’ve handed out event invitations and you’d like invitees to have an easier way to access your form from their mobile phones. Now you can create a QR Code for each one of your forms.

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8. Show Help Text Above/Below Inputs

Help Text Placement. Now you can insert help text between the field label and form controls.

9. Fields with Min / Max Length Validation

Following the HTML5 specification we have implemented the min length and max length validation.

10. And more!

  • Disabled Session Timeout in Form Builder to prevent unexpected behaviors
  • Enables “Remember Me” feature in Form Login
  • Improved detection when a server use https with a reverse proxy (Nginx)
  • Adds demo js file: jQuery UI Datepicker in French
  • Fix issue with Snippet field (Wysiwyg editor)
  • Sendinblue component: Fix issue with reply-to field
  • Form Builder: Uses scroll bar in Field Settings. Removes “More” link.
  • Form Endpoint: New feature to update form submissions
  • Hide a snippet field with conditional rules
  • Identify super administrators in source code
  • Notification Settings: Select a field as Name or Company
  • Form Builder: Fix issue when a form is saved with an opened popover
  • Form Widget: Sends postMessage to parent window when a form event occurs.
  • Adds Submission ID to Excel and CSV Exports
  • Fix i18n in conditional rules.
  • Form Builder: Fix issue with radio button -> font-size
  • Adds file fields (links) to placeholder replacement (field variables).
  • Fix incompatibility between MariaDB (below 10.2) and Form Stats
  • Fix issue copying conditional rules in Confirmation Settings.
  • Form Builder: Add Alias to Signature Field
  • Update Form Builder Fields Tool: Not add “alias” option to Spacer field.
  • Form Builder: Adds “Copy source code” feature
  • Notification Emails: Add custom no-reply email addresses
  • Form Builder: Field Settings. Moves checkboxes to the end of popover
  • Rule Engine: Implement feature to compare two fields with a formula
  • Allows edit form submissions by passing a parameter in the Form page URL
  • Updated vendors

Existing users can update their software from their CodeCanyon account for free. Easy Forms is innovative and interactive Self-Hosted Form Builder and Form Management software.

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