Pre-Sales Questions

Are fees charged monthly or just once?

You pay for the license only once. The license includes six months of support and upgrades, which you can optionally renew.

Is the price for the regular/single license a one-time payment?

Yes, you can use Easy Forms for as long as you like without any additional fees. The license also includes six months of support and upgrades, which you can optionally renew.

Do I have to renew my support period every year?

The choice to renew your support period and to keep receiving technical support is entirely up to you. So, after your support period has ended, you have the option to renew it.

What if I choose not to renew my support period? Will my license expire?

No, your license will never expire. Your forms will still work just fine, and you can continue to use your purchased version forever. Also, you will receive new updates without any cost.

However, you will be no longer receive technical support.

Can you help with the installation?

Yes, we provide the installation service to help you to install Easy Forms in your site for a small cost. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I get white label version of Easy Forms?

At the moment Easy Forms do not offer white label version. In terms of licensing there are only one license available:

Regular/Single use license

So you can not claim any copyrights on Easy Forms or any part of it even after modifications.

What add-ons are included in the application?

Two add-ons are included: WebHooks and Google Analytics. The others are optional add-ons that you can buy from the landing page.