Easy Forms v1.17 Has Been Released!

Easy Forms 1.17 has been released

Easy Forms v1.17 is now available to download.

What’s New?

01. Date Based Conditional Logic

Now available is the ability to base conditional logic rules for a Date field on your form. This gives you the option to show/hide specific fields based on a date, date range, or period.

For example, now you can quickly configure logic that allows late fees after a date for monthly reservation patterns (E.g., an event occurs monthly on the third Friday of every month). Or if you are selling tickets to a conference, tickets sold a week before the conference are $20, tickets sold within a week of the conference are $25, and much more.

Follow this link if you need a quick refresher on Conditional Logic.

Help Center | Date Based Conditional Logic

02. Dynamic Content: Display Dates in Different Languages

Our Dynamic Content feature now has a new filter: locale. This filter is especially designed to work with Date fields, to display dates in other languages.

Doc. | Dynamic Content with Locale filter

03. SendGrid Integration

Now you can use SendGrid’s API in Easy Forms to send transactional emails to your users! SendGrid allows you to send 100 emails/day free forever. Try it and improve your deliverability.

Doc. | SendGrid Integration

04. Search/Filter Double Opt-In Confirmed Email Entries

Now you can search form submissions to filter them by their statuses. For example, you can find DOI verified email entries by using the “status:confirmed” (without double quotes) in the search box, or display DOI unverified email entries by using the “status:unconfirmed” (without double quotes) in the search box.

Doc. | Submission Manager > Searching Submissions

05. Limiting Form Entries

Now you can limit the number of submissions in two ways. You can disable a form by limiting the number of submissions (form won’t be accessible anymore) or show an error message when a form is submitted but has reached its limit.

Doc. | Form Settings > Limit Total Number of Submissions > Action

And Much More!

  • Added: Stored Signature URL in CSV/MS Excel exports
  • Added: Select Multiple Events in Notification Settings
  • Added: Event Helper: Adds Stripe Payment Received event
  • Added: Allow to add-ons the option to add information to Dynamic Content
  • Added: REST Api: Adds Hash ID to Submissions resource
  • Improved: Notification Settings: Improves CC and BCC fields
  • Improved: DB performance generating the submission number
  • Improved: Form Builder: List of Google Fonts
  • Improved: Mail Helper compatible with SMTP Add-On
  • Fixed: Copy Form with Add-Ons
  • Fixed: Signature image in default email message
  • Fixed: Prevent empty Sender Name in Email Notifications
  • Fixed: Dynamic Content: Date filter and empty values
  • Fixed: UI Widgets: Flatpickr.js integration to create a Time picker
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