Easy Forms v1.13 has been released!

Easy Forms v1.13 has been released!
Easy Forms v1.13 has been released!

Easy Forms 1.13 has arrived with an expected feature: Form URLs with Hash IDs.

What’s New?

1. Form URLs with Hash IDs

Why we have implemented this change? Because Form Urls are published by our users, then Hash IDs can be freely exposed without disclosing sensitive. Previously we used auto-increment numerical ids.

Note: To keep compatibility with our previous version, forms with numerical form ids work, but from now they won’t be used in the “Publish & Share” section.

Link | Form Examples

2. Amazon SES API Integration

Are you not receiving email notifications from your contact forms? Would you like to use Amazon SES to improve email deliverability for your site? Amazon Simple Email Service, or Amazon SES, is a powerful tool that’s commonly used for sending marketing emails. Now you can use this same tool to make sure your emails get delivered.

Doc. | Amazon SES Integration

3. WhatsApp Contact Forms

With our new Dynamic Content variable: {{ submission_text }} you can submit forms as whatsapp messages.

Tutorial | How to submit a Form as Whatsapp messages

4. Change Date/Time Formats

From this version you’re able to completely customize the format used for displaying the date time information using your Easy Forms admin dashboard, with no coding required? Now you can use the custom format of your choice, with support for ICU format and PHP format (By using the php: prefix).

Doc. | Change Date / Time Formats

5. PHP 7.4 Support: Always updated!

Easy Forms now supports PHP 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 versions.

Doc. | System Requirements

6. And Much More!

  • Form Builder: Add/Move fields before first form component
  • Dashboard shows a very useful “Unread Submissions” panel
  • Compatibility with Subscription module
  • Select email field for Email Notifications > CC and BCC
  • Ability to add event types dynamically with add-ons
  • Theme Manager: “Copy a Theme
  • Save a Theme & Continue” feature
  • Protected Files: Allow authorized request by using API keys
  • Url Redirection with Dynamic Content
  • GridView: Update Date Range Format
  • Avoid duplicated submission numbers when they are saved at the same second
  • Implements support for SVG images (logo)
  • IIS and json files compatibility
  • And a lot of minor bug fixes.
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