EasyForms Form Builder 1.8 Release: What’s New?

Easy Forms 1.8 is here! This release includes new features like the Signature Field, the Spacer field, a tool to send test emails, the Sendinblue integration and more.

What’s New?

1. New Form Fields: Electronic Signature and Spacer

The enhanced Form Builder includes a couple of new componentes:

  • Signature Field: Many of you have been looking for a built-in signature maker, so we’re happy to announce that you can now capture electronic signatures with Easy Forms!

    That means you can collect a digital signature directly on any Easy Forms’ web form. It’ll be faster and more efficient to finalize contracts, waivers, application forms, and business documents. Just drag and drop a Signature field to your form, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Spacer Field: If you want to precisely increase the vertical space between your fields, this is the component you should use. Just drag and drop the Spacer field and set its height by entering a number of pixels.

2. Download the Form Files

With this new release you can download the form files with all its functionality, this includes advanced features like conditional rules, ajax validation, multi-step forms, form tracking and more. Just click the “Download” button to get the HTML, CSS and Javascript code required to add and customize your form on your web page. Awesome!

Documentation | Download the HTML

3. Sendinblue Integration

We continually receive tickets from users who, although they manage to configure their SMTP account correctly, do not always receive the emails (or are sent to the spam box). To solve this problem we have implemented the integration with Sendinblue, a transactional email service that has a great reputation and deliverability.

Our integration works using the Sendinblue API, so the application will not need to make a connection to the SMTP server, which in turn improves the Form performance.

You can also track your emails, see who received it, who opened it and who interacted with it, by clicking on the links.

Sendinblue offers the sending of up to 300 free emails per day (with a maximum of 40 per hour), which is perfect to get started. If you don’t have your Sendinblue account yet, click on this link to create your account right now!

Documentation | Sendinblue integration

4. Send Test Email

Below the Email Server settings panel, you will se a new panel: Send Test Email. Just enter your email address and click the “Send Email” button. That’s all! You can use this tool with the three available transports: PHP, SMTP or Sendinblue.

Documentation | Send Test Email

5. And much more

  • We have added a new set of conditional rules when to detect when a Signature field is empty or when it’s filled. So, for example, you can show the Submit button only when a end-user has signed the form.
  • To improve the workflow of creating / updating a form, after saving a form, you will see the “Share this Form” link in the Form Builder modal.
  • The reCAPTCHA validation process now uses CURL by default. This to prevent issues related to the PHP configuration of some hostings.
  • The Rule Builder is able to switch OFF the Client Side Validation to prevent issues with Conditional Validation (When a required field is hidden by a conditional rule, it won’t be required)
  • And we have updated our vendor files to prevent any security issue.


We regularly update the Form Builder to address issues and add new features. In this release, we have updated the internal grid layout for a better field management. For this reason, multi-column forms created with a previous version may lose some styling and may require some tweaks according to the Bootstrap CSS Grid system:

  1. From this version, all the fields must have a Container CSS Class: col-xs-12. Then, if you want to show a couple of fields in the same row, just change the Container Css Class of both fields to: col-xs-6.
  2. If some field looks more wider than the rest of fields, just check if its Container CSS Class has the ‘col-xs-12’ value. If it’s not present, add it.

Documentation | Multi Column Forms

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