Easy Forms v2.1 Has Been Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Easy Forms 2.1. It includes the feature to customize the Form Page (Favicon, Logo, Meta Tags and CSS styles), Hide the form before redirecting to another page, Show a message when a form is displayed in an unauthorized domain, share forms by email, display datepicker in different languages (Flatpicker) and many other new features, enhancements and fixes.
What is New?

1. Customize the Form Page

Our New Form Page Designer allows you to customize the Form Page quickly. You can set:

  • A custom Favicon per form
  • Change the default application logo
  • Customize colors, sizes, fonts, backgrounds with CSS Styles
  • And also customize how the Form Page is shared in social media, like WhatsApp

2. Show Message When a Form is displayed in an Unauthorized domain

With previous versions you could already block requests that a form received from an unauthorized website; However, there was no way to hide the form automatically. Since v2.1, it is possible to hide the form and display a “Restricted Access” error message if someone tries to load the form widget from an unauthorized domain. Awesome!

3. Hide the Form Before Redirecting to Another Page

From this version you can hide the form when it is submitted, show a “Thank You message” for some seconds and redirect the browser to another webpage.

4. Share / Send Forms By Emails

Easy Forms offers you multiple ways to share forms to get more responses. From direct link, embed code, pop-up forms, QR code, HTML code. And now we add one more: Send the form by email from the application itself, with the option to customize the Email subject, Email body, Sender name and Reply-To email address.

5. Display Datepicker in different languages (Flatpickr)

Something that our users have been asking us for is the ability to display a Date picker in another language. So, using the Flatpickr library we can now change the language of the date picker by passing a custom attribute: data-locale = ‘es’. That’s all!

6. And more!

  • Added: Form Manager > Change Form Name Link according to user permissions
  • Added: target=”_blank” to Help links
  • Added: Export Submissions > Adds User ID and Username
  • Improved: Display “Settings & Tools” menu items according to user permissions
  • Improved: Add-On UI > DepDrop widget
  • Improved: Chinese Simplified translation
  • Improved: i18n of Dates (Diff for humans)
  • Improved: Multiple Email Validator (Client side)
  • Improved: Notification Settings: “Recipient (Email field)” with multiple emails
  • Fixed: Error in Generated Pop-up Form Code
  • Fixed: Form Notifications > CC and BCC with multiple email addresses
  • Fixed: Export Submissions > Generate secure link to uploaded files
  • Fixed: User can log in without confirm email address
  • Fixed: Save templates and themes without user owner
  • Updated vendors
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