Easy Forms v1.16 Has Been Released!

Easy Forms 1.16 has been released

Easy Forms v1.16 is now available to download.

What’s New?

1. Organizing Forms in Folders

Automatically, the application shows 3 folders: “All Forms” (Default), “Uncategorized” (Forms that are not been moved to any custom folder) and “Shared with me” (Forms that have been created by other users and shared with me). Also, any user can create their own folders and organize their forms in folders to group them or filter them to get a better workspace.

Doc. | Form Management

2. New UI Widget: Select2

Select2 is a jQuery-based replacement for dropdown menus. It supports searching, tagging, and infinite scrolling of results. You can use this widget to add extra functionality to the Select List field. For example, you can add a search box, display the choice of multiple options as tags, or you can allow your users to add new options (options that have not been added with the Form Builder).

Doc. | UI Widgets

3. Copy Forms

From now on, if you ever feel the need to copy or clone your forms, we have added new features which will allow you to select exactly what settings do you want to copy, including Form Settings, Confirmation Settings, Notification Settings, UI Settings, Report Builder and Form Add-Ons Settings.

Doc | Copying a Form

4. Form Summary Table (By Default) for Email Notifications

Would you like to send a customized table with the submission data? Now it’s very easy. Easy Forms will display a form summary table in the message body of your email notifications ready to be customized. Change their size and color, add your custom message and it will be ready to be sent.

Doc | Notification Settings

5. And Much More!

  • Data Validator: “Select List” field can accept options dynamically created
  • Form Add-Ons: Show multiple configurations of same add-on
  • Form Add-Ons: Display Add-On Settings via Associative Tables
  • Responsive Form Builder: Show popover below fields in small screens
  • Analytics Component can log errors for debugging
  • Users (not admins) use bulk actions to update multiple items
  • Display signature images in email body
  • Submission Manager. Resend emails
  • Send email notifications with encrypted fields (Compatible with Field Encryption add-on)
  • Drop support for PHP 5.6

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