Easy Forms v1.14.2 has been released!

Easy Forms v1.14.2 has been released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Easy Forms 1.14.2, which includes new features, enhancements and fixes.

What is New?

1. Link to One Page of a Multi-Page Form

Do you have a large survey form that is spread across 20 pages and you want to find a way to send a hyperlink to page 8? Now, it is very easy. Just add the query string “p=8” to the URL and ready!

More Info | Page Navigation in Multi-Page Forms

2. Add tag to Dropdown lists

Now you can group options within a Select List field. Just enclose the text with double square brackets. For example:

Option 1
Option 2

And done!

Doc | Select List with option groups

3. Compatibility with Google Analytics 4

Now the Google Analytics add-on is compatible with Google Analytics 4. Just enter the Measurement ID in the Configuration Settings and ready! You will be able to track form events in real time.

Doc. | Google Analytics Add-On

4. Rule Builder: Copy a static value to a field

With this release you can set a static value to be copied to a form field based on conditional logic.This is very useful if you want to empty a field when a certain condition is fulfilled.

Doc. | Rule Builder

5. Rule Engine: Uses Form Language setting to Format Number with its respective locale format

With this new feature you can format a number in different ways and without any coding. For example, to give the currency format to a number: 10130.25 use the following format ‘$0,0.00’ and the number will now be displayed as $10,130.25. Also, by default, the format will take the location of the language you have selected in your form configuration, so for example, if our Form Language is German, the format will be: €10 130,25.

6. And more!

  • Form Widget: Display it when Form’s dom document is ready to get better performance
  • Translate the default Thank You message based in Form language
  • Rule Builder: Performance improvement
  • Country Helper: Countries in EU
  • Improved French translation
  • Updates jQuery to v3.6.0 including compatibility changes
  • Fixed: Form Widget: Edit entries with “unique” fields in multi-step forms
  • Fixed: Rule Builder: Display Radio Button labels and Checkbox labels with “<” character
  • Updated vendors
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