Easy Forms v1.10 released

Easy Forms v1.10
Easy Forms v1.10 released

Easy Forms 1.10 has arrived with an expected feature: User management, roles, and permissions that allow you to configure what a user can do in the application.

What’s New

  • RBAC system: From this version, you can create your own user role, assign permissions, and then assign it to specific users. Or you also have the option to assign permissions directly to users. Or you can also assign multiple roles and multiple permissions to a user. Super robust and flexible!
  • Shared Forms: From this version, we can share access to their forms with collaborators, then these users will be able to edit or delete our forms. What a collaborator can do with the shared resources will depend on the assigned permissions with the RBAC tool.
  • Users can access to the Add-Ons section: Previous versions only allowed the administrator to access the add-ons section. Well, that’s not the case, now any user who has the assigned permissions can do it.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Do you want to offer more security tools to your users? Well, just by activating this option in Site Settings, your users will see the option to use (if he wants) the two-factor authentication tool in the login process.
  • Impersonate Users: This feature allows you to temporarily sign in as a different user in your application with one click. Users with the permissions can impersonate all other users and take any action according to the user’s own permission level.
  • And much more
    • Show Submission Number in Export Submissions tool
    • Logs during the installation process
    • Shows alert messages on Dashboard after the upgrade process
    • Customize “From Name” in Email Notifications
    • Allow / Disallow login of “Unconfirmed Email” users
    • More log in options in Site Settings
    • Grant access to add-ons by using user roles
    • Share access to your Templates and Themes.
    • Full support for PHP 7.2 and 7.3. (PHP 7.4 is not compatible with our app yet)
    • Update add-On settings (Name and Description)
    • And a lot of minor bug fixes.

Note: This list includes changes introduced in minor versions: 1.10.1, 1.10.2 and 1.10.3

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